Solar garden irrigation from your water butt

Solar Garden Irrigation – the easiest way to a better garden in 2011
“A clever idea which really works”

Want the very best from your garden plants? Regular irrigation and feeding is a great way to achieve this whether your plants are in pots, baskets, the veg plot, raised beds or the greenhouse. WaterWand garden irrigation kits are the easiest way to to water automatically from your water barrel.

“Set up was simple” 

The key is regular irrigation. When you see great hanging baskets it means the gardener is either very diligent or has an automatic system to do the watering. Maybe you have other things to do. Put in a WaterWand kit and let it do the work. It will water every 3 hours. It will apply more water when it is sunny. It will not forget to water when you go away.

“The baskets watered by the unit are in much better condition than those I looked after”

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“Excellent idea – not only safe, but efficient, resource conscious and leaves you to get on with more important things while the plants get on with growing. Superb!!”

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WaterWand garden irrigation kits are ideal for small watering projects – pots, raised beds, hanging baskets, vegetables and greenhouses. They use solar power to pump water and feed from your water barrel, so need no wires or hose pipes. They are easy to install and set up and once in they will water automatically with minimal supervision. They are built with long life and the environment in mind so all the components are easily replaced by using tools available in most households.

Our garden irrigation kits are designed to apply water accurately, directly where it is needed and slowly enough for it to soak in. They are not suitable for high output systems such as sprinklers.

Garden irrigation anywhere under the sun