WaterWand pump and accessories

The WaterWand automatic, solar powered garden irrigation pump will water up to 20 pots/plants from your water butt or a WaterWand raised bed.


WaterWand is designed to ensure that your plants always get the right amount of water, even when you’re not there to water them. All you need to do is place the base of the WaterWand pump in a water butt – or WaterWand raised bed – the WaterWand will work provided the base is in more than 5cm (2″) of water.

Here’s how it works:

WaterWand uses solar power to charge internal batteries, and every 3 hours, the pump starts up, automatically delivering water to your plants through the dripper or driphose irrigation system.

The WaterWand pump will always operate more in bright than dull conditions, so the more water your plants need, the more they get!

A control knob allows you to alter how much sunshine is converted to pumping power in 5 increments from 2 – 100%.

To stop over watering and wastage, the pump is fitted with an anti-siphon device. This means that when you are watering from a water butt where the water level is higher than the drippers, the water will stop when the irrigation cycle is finished.

An LED indicator lets you know what the pump is doing. If the LED pulses about once per second, the pump is standing by, ready for action. When the LED stays on, the pump is running. The LED flickers when there is insufficient water for the pump to run.